What Can My Zoho One License Replace?

Zoho One is the #1 business platform in the World.

Team Messaging Software

If you are currently paying for Slack you are paying $6.67+ per user per month. With your Zoho One License, Zoho’s Cliq is included and can be used while in Zoho CRM, Zoho Email, and many other Zoho Apps making it easier to communicate with out having to change screens.

Analytics Software

Over 500,000 businesses use Zoho Analytics for their business data and give it a 4.5 star review. Zoho Analytics has customizable dashboards, reports, and can blend data from multiple sources. With your Zoho One License you no longer need to pay to use products like Domo or Funnel.

Electronic Signature Software

ZohoSign can easily replace DocuSign or HelloSign or Adobe Sign or SignEasy and give you better features. ZohoSign connects seamlessly to your Zoho CRM making it easier to send documents, get updates on document status, create customizable templates, and collect multiple signatures.

Calendar Booking Software

Still paying for Calendly or Monday.com? With your Zoho One License you can replace your current calendar booking software with Zoho Bookings. With the combination of Zoho Bookings and Zoho CRM there will be automatic updates to your CRM, notifications and reminders, and no double entries.

Email and Calendar Software

With your Zoho One License you can move from G-Suite or Microsoft and replace them with Zoho Mail and Calendar. Zoho Mail and Calendar has unparalleled security and privacy, read more here.

Presentation Software

Worried to leave G-Suite or Microsoft because you love their Google Slides/Microsoft PowerPoint, Google Docs/Microsoft Word, or Google Sheets/Microsoft Excel? Included in your Zoho One License is a replacement for all three and you get better storage. Zoho WorkDrive has 3 TB per Team.

Accounting System

With Zoho Books you can connect directly into your CRM and Bank to make transactions easier and create invoices faster. Instead of paying extra for an Accounting System, use Zoho Books included in your Zoho One License. Talk to a Zoho Expert today to learn more about migrating your current data to Zoho Books or integrating your current accounting system.

Forms/Surveys Software

There is no better way to improve your business than by getting feedback from customers or potential customers. Utilizing Zoho Forms you can do just that. Zoho Forms connects straight into your Zoho CRM updating the data you wish to collect. You can also use Zoho Forms to collect new leads sending automatic notifications to your sales team.

Meeting Room Software

You can replace Zoom or GoToMeetings with Zoho Meetings again saving you money by utilizing Zoho One. Read more about Zoho Meetings here.

As you can see Zoho One can save you hundreds of dollars a month by utilizing the full Zoho Platform and Apps. Schedule a free consultation by clicking the button below to get advice on using a Zoho App.